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Welcome to Blood Oath Horde

Our Alliance guild was one of the very first guilds on the server and some of our players are some of the longest standing on the realm. We have decided to take it a step further and move to the Horde side as most of us have Horde players already.

We take pride in having a family-friendly guild where you will not need to worry about the f-bomb, drama, racism or any other uncalled for problems that you'll find in most other guilds. We expect our players to treat others the same as they wish to be treated.

You will also not have to worry about conforming to a certain spec or schedule by any means. We do plan to raid, but we also love having casual players as a part of the family.

If you feel like trying us out, do a /who on our guild and ask someone for an invite or to answer any other questions you may have about us.

Thanks for dropping by and FOR THE HORDE!



1. Keep guild and voice chat clean at all times! Ya heard?
2. Do not repeatedly ask to be an officer. We choose them as needed.
3. Do not bother or troll other guildmates. Treat all with respect.
4. Don't ask for gold. We hid it on mobs. Go find it.
5. Don't expect guild vault access the moment you join. DUR!
6. No drama. Ever.
7. Remember to eat. At least keep a bucket by the pc for restroom necessities.
8. No ninja looting. You're out if you do. Period.
9. Please don't be an armchair commando.. meaning don't constantly whine that everyone is
doing something wrong. Maybe look at what you're doing to make sure it isn't you.
10. Again, no drama, ever!
11. You must loathe and detest Angelimnot in every way imaginable and KOS if possible.
Even if you're level 1 and she's 85 in tier 450 gear.
12. Do not afk in a group without letting them know.
13. "I'm going to leave if x doesn't happen or if I don't get x" will not work here.
14. Don't ask over and over in guild chat if someone wants to go somewhere or you that
you need help. If no one answers, then they are busy. You aren't the only person ;)

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Blood (99)
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Balance (99)
Feral (99)
Restoration (99)
Beast Masters (99)
Marksmanship (99)
Survivalists (99)
Arcane (99)
Fire (99)
Frost (99)
Holy (99)
Protection (99)
Retribution (99)
Discipline (99)
Holy (99)
Shadow (99)
Assassination (99)
Combat (99)
Subtlety (99)
Elemental (99)
Enhancement (99)
Restoration (99)
Affliction (99)
Demonology (99)
Destruction (99)
Arms (99)
Fury (99)
Protection (99)
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